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At Leon Tech Group, we pride ourselves in providing our developers, architects, and interior designers with the premium partnership that will not only deliver exceptional quality and world class support, but also the powerful results you’re after.

Our reputation as being one of the best solutions for architects, developers and interior designers is well deserved. As a team of dedicated, experienced professionals dedicated to providing you with the highest quality lighting control, automatic installations, home cinema design and similar services, we strive towards delivering a new generation quality with every project we undertake.

If you are serious about working solely with the best and ensuring highest quality results possible – you’re at the right place, because Leon Tech Group is always on the lookout for the excellent clients!

Want to learn more about what great benefits your business can reap by partnering with us? Keep reading or contact our experts for a free consultation today. We’d love to hear from you!

Our experience working interior designers towards achievement of our common goal of providing the highest quality, most innovative and cutting-edge smart home technology that fits the strictest quality standards, is extensive.

From small home cinema design to comprehensive whole home solutions, we can help you provide Clients with a new level of quality.

Leon Tech Group’s top-quality turn-key solutions include everything from A to Z: design and implementation of cabling, IT, AV, Security systems,  intelligent lighting control, home automation and are one-of-a-kind, next generation solutions that will do wonders at simplifying your work while simultaneously enabling you to provide your Clients with premium results.

There’s no doubt Smart technology has revolutionized the architect profession. The success and innovation of your projects greatly depend on it.
However, in order to provide your clients with the top-quality, future-proof smart homes that will enrich your lives, you may need assistance of experienced experts proficient in delivering premium smart home solutions of new generation.

Leon Tech Group is one-stop provider for managed properties. Whether you are looking for a new whole house IT/AV setup or support and maintenance of existing systems, we can provide expert assistance, or take full responsibility for whole house IT and AV systems and leaving you to focus on the growth of your business.


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