About Us

Guided by our primary mission of providing you with a whole new level of quality and results while making the entire process simpler, more efficient, and enjoyable, we pride ourselves in turning your vision into a reality through simplification.

As a team of like-minded entrepreneurs each boasting several decades of expertise in IT, AV and Security sectors, when working with us you can rest assured that you’re putting your project in safe hands by entrusting it to the top experts that is able to guarantee you reliability, continuity and stability at all times.

Firmly believing in our founding Company values, most important being that your success is our success, we are always prepared to go the extra mile in order to meet, and exceed your expectations.

Besides providing you with a top-level expertise, cutting-edge technology and adherence to the strictest quality standards, we always make sure to build a friendly and trustful relationship with our clients – one that can blossom in a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.

Unified, simplified and higher quality services are only a fraction of what we offer.

Feel free to contact our team anytime and we’ll discuss with you exactly how we can help you.

Leon Tech Group looks forward to serving you and becoming one of your closest partners.

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